Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

In Texas, a major portion of the economy is dedicated to oil and gas. When ownership rights are questioned, or rights need to be passed to heirs after the passing of an owner, there are specific steps which must be taken to ensure the family’s rights are being protected.

We understand the importance of having an attorney who understands the complex nature of oil and gas rights when there is a question about ownership. These rights often pass from family member to family member, across generations. Any mistakes in transferring ownership can cause problems. Thanks to our experience with oil and gas matters, we have litigated cases where the rights are disputed. We have also helped ensure the rights are successfully transferred to heirs after the death of an owner.

Those who are considering entering into an agreement for oil and gas rights, or who are considering leasing their land for exploration purposes should also have an attorney who can perform the following reviews:

  • Mineral Deeds
  • Lease Review
  • Division Order Review
  • Pipeline/Easement Review

Whether you are involved in a dispute over ownership of oil and gas rights, you need help transferring ownership to an heir, or you need a transaction reviewed prior to signing a contract, contact Mary Lois Spain-Sipes, Attorney at Law. Thanks to personal knowledge, and years of experience, we can help those in Tarrant, Denton, Montague, Jack, and Wise County, Texas with all their oil and gas legal matters.