Document Preparation Divorce Pleadings

Document Preparation

In Texas, the first step in the divorce process is a pleading, or petition for divorce. We understand many couples have agreed to divorce without disagreeing on issues of child custody and support, property division, and other important matters. In most of these cases, that means all you need is assistance preparing the proper documents for the court.

We can help you with all the document preparation you need for divorce pleadings. You will need to file the petition for divorce in the family court with the Clerk of Courts once the document is properly signed. Provided legal notice is given to the other spouse in the marriage and there is an agreement between the parties, evidenced by a written agreement provided to the court or there is reason to believe there is disagreement between the spouses, a divorce may be finalized in as little as 60 days.

We will make sure you understand what information must be provided for a petition, explain what notifications must be made to ensure the process of divorce goes smoothly, and help obtain a final decree of divorce. We provide these services across North Texas. We have helped clients in Denton, Montague, Jack, Wise, and Tarrant County with all documentation preparation services for their divorce.

If you are ready to file for divorce, or need information on what is required in a divorce, contact the Decatur, Texas offices of Mary Lois Spain-Sipes, Attorney at Law.